Obscured ID chain in RG observations

I have encountered this a few times recently, particularly with observations by vagabondvoyager. If I’m looking to review the IDs of a taxon, some of the records come up with no chain of IDs visible to me even though they are RG level. If I add an ID the pre-existing chain suddenly reappears (and I often find that I’ve previously added an ID). This link is to one that currently appears without IDs visible to me so I’ll be interested to see if others also see it like this https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/17915304

That is how I see it as well–with Research Grade but no identifications. I have seen this type of situation (but without the restoration when I added IDs) and brought it up before, but haven’t heard what the cause could be.

First view is RG without IDs.

I just tried adding an ID to it, and it comes up showing two other IDs from 3 months ago.

I delete my ID, and the two previous IDs have remained.

Thanks @kiwifergus - and now that you’ve done that I can see the pre-existing IDs

Please don’t add identifications to this until the staff have a chance to figure out how it happened!

https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/8119918 (Looks like @tiwane added an annotation, and now the IDs are visible again.)

Edit: also one remaining untouched example from @sgene 's thread in Google Groups:

Edit: yet another one:

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Also don’t touch anything else about it (annotations, DQA), which will likely cause the IDs to appear (cc: @kueda).

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hmmm, from two years ago… maybe we could all check back through our obs for these…

Yes, I brought this kind of thing up before at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/inaturalist/no$20observations|sort:date/inaturalist/rAdD-NTv5Eg/FVe1kcMiEAAJ

If anyone finds other examples, better to just send directly to help@inaturalist.org than report via the forum.

I’ve seen this only one time before
Back when I was wet behind my ears
"Newer to INat”
And ID’d it was a saguaro cactus
What is odd about this one is the observer
Did not place there own ID on this one thermselfs

did a deleted user id it ?

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Could it have been identified by two users then those two users both deleted their identifications?
Somebody must have identified it or it would be marked “unknown”

The IDs are there, just not visible. If you made your own ID then the other two or more IDs would become visible. After deleting your newly added ID, the now visible IDs remain visible. The mystery is why did they become invisible, and so hence Cassi rightly putting up the warning not to try altering or fixing this until Ken can take a look …

No, but that would certainly be a good sign (that IDs persist after a deletion)!

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Looks like some sort of indexing issue on our end, and doing something to trigger a re-indexing (eg faving and unfaving, like I did) should fix it. Would be good to know exactly how this happened, but some of these are pretty old so I’m not sure the users involved would be able to remember exactly what actions they performed. If you spot recent examples, please holler.


this was RG with 1 ID when I arrived at it:
if I remove my planted mark, it goes RG again.

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I can replicate, we’ll take a look.

another one : https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/18588193

someone had marked that one as community cannot improve the ID, but the community ID is currently only at subfamily

I found one: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/1932144. I think it should have 3 IDs but none are showing up, both in the observation itself and the Identify tab.