Obscured observations questions

I have a single taxa obscured observation in a smallish park with project, so …

  1. I can see it using explore and filtered on the associated project.
  2. I don’t see that observation or even that species using projects - as was expected.
  3. Can curator see my obscured observations if it doesn’t display in the project?
  4. Can curator see my obscured observation and it’s location if I don’t actually join the project?
  5. Does denying permission from “your membership” prevent curator from seeing it?

You might check the filters on the search function when you’re trying to find the observation. I had one that didn’t show up because the search filter had somehow gotten set not to show that type of observation.
You can also look along the side of your observation and see if the project you meant to add it to is listed as being a project your observation is in. If it did actually get added to the project, I expect the curator can see it.

An obscured observation will never appear in a project based on a small geography. This is an intentional design choice to stop people getting access tò real locations by manipulating the boundaries of projects.

Can curators see what, the observation or the real location? They wont see it in the project, its not there, and curators cant see real locations of obscured records either.


I don’t believe so.

There are 2 different kinds of projects, collection and traditional. Most projects are collection projects.

On these, all records that qualify to be included automatically are added, you can’t actually stop it from being added. Effectively, they are really just a saved search. However, based on the rule above, any obscured record will not be added to a project based on a small geography. If any part of the obscured record’s obscuring boundary box falls outside the project’s defined geography, it will not be added.

Since it is not added to the project, the project admins can not see the real location.

On a traditional project, denying permission to see real locations to the project admins means they wont see the real location.


I was just surprised that I could see that observation filtering on project (not place) in explore mode. Evidently, filtering on project in explore does something different than actually opening the project. I won’t see the attached observation opening the project.

there are exceptions… such as small “standard” places (ex. countries, states, counties, or equivalent)

I hope this isn’t too tangential to the OP, but I would like to filter-for-/subtotal by taxon those obscured observations I’ve made in my garden. But, I do not want to include the obscured observations I made at my old house.

Is there a way to do filter for my obscured observations at this house only?

If this is too much of a tangent to the original, just ignore, please. :)

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i didn’t check to see how the app works, since it’s more work to debug by looking through the logs, but i can tell you that in the website, a query on the Explore page appears to get data via authenticated requests, whereas the Project page appears to get data via an anonymous request. so that would line up with the behavior you’re noting here. if the system knows who you are (in the case of an authenticated request), it can return that obscured observation to you. otherwise (in the case of an anonymous request), it won’t.

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