Obscuring a taxon?

Hello. Is there a way to obscure a taxon automatically for a set of my own observations? I monitor raptors year-round, and specifically want to obscure any observations of birds and nests during breeding season. I currently do it manually, but I can cover a lot of nests. (example, automatically obscure all Buteo by 3000ft) I would prefer not to make them private.

Thank you for any input. I did not see any related discussions in the forum.


You can’t, if there’s some local status that can be applied to them so all observations could be obscured – it’s possible, but for you alone it’s impossible to do, so likely you’ll need to keep obscuring nests manually.

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You can use batch editing to obscure several at a time


OK, thank you. I had problems with batching before, but that was a while ago, so I will go back to trying that. Thanks!

Thank you. I was hoping there was a quicker solution, but I will try batching again as suggested below .

Thank you!

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If you try to do a huge number at once you may get an error

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