Obscuring on map vs lists

There has been discussion of auto obscuring an entire day’s observations if any one thing that day is auto obscured (which I don’t think is a good idea at all fwiw). Considering that, I think obscuring date is a lesser “evil”. But in any event it’s a known issue.

That is a known weakness of the current obscuration setup. It’s also easy to circumvent by uploading separately and just manually changing the date and time. Keeping it within a few days can reasonably avoid skewing phenology data.

As Charlie mentioned the automatic “obscure by day” concept would be catastrophic for many of us, with a majority of our observations suddenly obscured just because nearly every time we go out we run into a taxon or two that’s obscured.


I would appreciate the ability to submit records by time periods bigger than a day, such as a week, month, or season. Some of my photos I don’t think have the correct date, or photo-less observations I remember and can determine the location and general time but not the exact date. And then this would also be useful for obscuring as you could just set it for the whole month.


I’d support that idea, although I’d probably stop at the week/month point rather than season.

Also, if the image is a digital one often the meta-data will have the date (and time) it was taken. That does sometimes get stripped when moving files though (Google Drive seems especially prone to destroying important meta-data).

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