Observation ID shows on app but not website

Android and Website

App version 1.19.4 (426)



Step 1: Click Add Observation on app

Step 2: Upload images from Photos

Step 3: Identify as Hooked buttercup

Step 4: Open Observations on website

Step 5: No identification by Observer, ID as Plants by somebody else

Step 6: refresh app. still showing Hooked buttercup ID but with Plants ID added and a Yellow avens ID added.

And now the initial Hooked buttercup ID has disappeared from the app, suggesting that it failed to upload properly for some reason.

Probably relevant to add that Powassan has many things to recommend it but great internet connections are not on that list. Thunderstorms are hanging around.

have you come across any other instances of this problem? (if not, it might be time to close this bug report.)

unless this problem is reproducible, unless you captured a screenshot of your app with the ID, or unless you captured your Android app log files at the time of the issue, i’m thinking it will be very difficult to figure out exactly what happened. if i understand your issue correctly, i would have guessed that maybe this is a case where you thought you had added an ID in the app, but maybe you didn’t actually add the ID? (specifically, if you don’t actually select a taxon from the system – if you enter just a placeholder – then you may see the placeholder and confuse it for an actual ID. later, when someone makes the first ID on the observation, the placeholder will get wiped out.)