Observation not appearing in Collection project

My recent observation is not appearing in a collection project and there does not appear to be any reasoning for it. The location of the observation is well within the boundary box of the project and it also meets the date requirements. (no other exclusions or requirements are set). When editing the project and clicking “preview observations” the observation appears there, however it does not appear on the actual project page on desktop or mobile.

Observation was submitted on desktop at the same time as other observations taken at the same location on the same day and they appear with no problem.



Looks like the issue is that the observation has its location obscured because it’s of a species listed as Vulnerable. Here’s what I see when I look at it:

An explanation for why it’s not in the project can be found here: https://inaturalist.ca/pages/help-inaturalist-canada-en#placeindex


Not sure if my problem is the same but I have faced the same issue of an observation not appearing in the project.

Hopefully someone can help me out here as I am keen to have this observation added to the project!

Thank you in advance :)

Edit: Removed the photos uploaded to hide the location of the turtle

Given that Hawksbill Turtles are listed as critically endangered, their location gets obscured automatically as well, so it is the same thing as above.

Hi @cmcheatle,

Thanks for the reply.

Does that mean all vulnerable and endangered wildlife cannot be added to projects?

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No, it depends on how big the geography is that the project covers is. Obscured records are excluded from collection projects if any part of their roughly 22x22 kilometer obscuring box falls outside the geography of the project borders. So a project covering a park or any other small geography won’t get them. This is by design to prevent people using projects to circumvent the obscuring.

However if the projects geography is large enough, say province, state, nation etc then it will be fine almost all the time.

Alternatively you can use an old style project where with user permission you can get the records, but lose the benefit of the records being automatically added, as records in those must be manually added into the project.