Observation stuck at Genus despite Species ID's

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That was the same situation in the initial example that was not going to research grade.

The difference in

is that there is both (1) an earlier, but still active, Family ID disagreeing with the initial species ID, and (2) a later, separate, agreeing Family ID then was then withdrawn and replaced by an agreeing species ID.

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It went to Research Grade before he waffled—with the user’s first corrected species ID.


Good point, so it was in fact an identical example.

It was. I had noted this one when he added his first ID and only noticed his later IDs, well, later.

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Yes, the second example shows how the system typically works. That’s why I think there must have been some kind of bug in the original example, which did not behave that way.

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As @pisum pointed out above, at least until recently it was not typical behavior. Which is why I am wondering if the proposed changes to the previous “buggy” behavior (described in the forum post he referenced) have since been implemented and released. Hopefully so!

i think the difference is that in the first observation, the original and final species-level ids are in the same genus, while in the second observation, the original and final species-level ids are in different genera.

in other words, in that first observation, the disagreement probably applies to both genus Araneus and species A. angulatus. so a subsequent A. andrewsi id conflicts with the genus Araneus disagreement.

meanwhile, in that second observation, the disagreement probably applies to genus Holocnemus and species Holocnemus pluchei. so a subsequent Pholcus phalangioides id does not conflict with either the Holocnemus or the H. pluchei disagreements.

that’s my best guess at what’s going on here. it would be a little unexpected based on my understanding of how disagreements are supposed to work, but that might explain why people claim to have different experiences when it comes to disagreement functionality.

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I’m almost certain genus doesn’t matter - I will try to find an example. I’m pretty sure that if all identifications prior to a disagreement are removed, it no longer becomes a disagreement and just becomes a general “vote” for that higher level taxon.

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Sorry, what I am trying to say is that this is how the system has always worked. I have had this happen on many records that I have ID’d.

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