Observations automatically flagged as cultivated

Platform: Android App, Google Chrome

App version number: 1.26.5 (535)

Browser : Google Chrome 98.0.4758.102

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inat bug 2

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.): I noticed on two of my recent observations that they were marked as cultivated twice. Ony of the cultivated flags was supposed to be by myself. I dont remember ticking the cultivated box, didnt even think of it since is clearly wild. It could have been, that i ticked it by mistake. But the chances of it happening a at the second observations aswell are very low. I think its a bug.
The second cultivated flag came from iNaturalist itself. Im aware there is a feature that automatically flags observations als cultivated if the nearby observations of that species are also cultivated to a high percentage. But in this case there arent any cultivated ones nearby. Nearly all of them are wild.

assuming you created and interacted with these observations in the app, the least bad way to see what happened is to get the log files from the app and look through to see how your votes were triggered. my guess would be that you accidentally triggered it either during load or while trying to view who had flagged these as cultivated.

you could send the log files to staff (search the forum for how to do that, if you’re interested), but frankly, unless there are a lot of other reports of this happening, i would guess that this would fall near the bottom of the priority list, since i would assume that this was more likely the result of your interaction with the app rather than some bug. (you can look through the logs yourself, too, if you have that kind of skill base, and if you can narrow down something strange, that might make more likely that someone will look into it.)

Ok i will send the logs. But the vote from iNaturalist cant have been caused by my interaction.

When you first uploaded your observations, you identified them only to genus. iNat looked for other observations in the genus in the area and found 13 observations, all of which are marked cultivated. Since that meets the requirement of at least 10 observations and at least 80% are cultivated, yours were marked cultivated. If your initial identification had been at species, the system would not have marked cultivated.


Ok that makes sense. Maybe it should be changed so that the iNaturalist flag gets updated as the ID changes.
Since it is possible that the other flags were human error, i suggest to close this bug report if noone else is experiencing the same issue

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