Observations Defaulting to Coordinates (0,0)

Many observations from new users seem to be defaulting to the coordinates (0,0).

See: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?nelat=0&nelng=0&place_id=any&swlat=0&swlng=0

A small sample suggests that these are flowing in from the Android app. That said, the numbers are perhaps not statistically large:
I show about 36 in the past three days against 837 since October 07 2018:
which - very rough back of an envelope calculation is about three of these observations per day. So perhaps 12 a day is unusual? I know I must be missing something in my calculationā€¦ Can still just be users operating with their location services off or they denied access to location services?

Since most have been marked as location inaccurate, which makes them casual grade, you have to uncheck the ā€œVerifiableā€ box in the filters, which yields 148 in that three day period (49.3 per day) vs. 1,991 in the year prior (5.5 per day).

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