Observations of cultivated plants on GBIF

In the attempt to flag as many observations of cultivated plants from Italy as possible, I noticed that some of them are marked by this phrase:

“This observation is featured on 1 site: GBIF”

Once put to casual grade I have read the phrase “Please allow a few weeks for external sites to sync changes from this observation”

So, I wonder if, once put to casual grade, these observations will be deleted from GBIF or not.

Assuming they are removed from the Research-grade dataset that GBIF ingests every week, they should be deleted.

I would assume only someone from or with detailed knowledge of the GBIF inner processes could answer this.

Do they take a full database dump every time or just incremental additions and changes.

Do they just incrementally add into their records or do a full merge including updating of changes.

What about deleted records on the site here.

(I work for GBIF)

We take the full dataset every 7 days and during ingestion we only process records that are new or updated. Records that are bumped from research-grade to casual are (presumably) removed from the dataset we access and thus deleted from GBIF during ingestion.


Well, there is your insider knowledge, what about records that are actually deleted on iNaturalist ? Do you drop those out of your dataset ?

How’s the summer been in CPH, did you get hit with the heat wave (I lived in Frederiksberg for years)

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For the record, the good iNat folks control what goes in the dataset that we ingest. If they add/update/delete a record, we do the same when ingesting. I know that only research-grade records go in the dataset we ingest, but there might be other filters applied.

Summer’s been quite nice, not as hot as last year and nowhere near as hot as the rest of the continent. I lived in Frederiksberg for 15 years :)


Taking more advantage of your insider knowledge…

Is it still true (as currently reflected in iNat documentation) that only CC0, CC-BY, and CC-BY-NC licensed observations can be ingested by GBIF, and CC-BY-SA and more restrictive cannot?

Or is that determined solely at the iNat end of things?

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We only allow CC0, CC BY and CC-BY-NC so I believe iNat only puts records with these licenses into the archive we ingest.


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