How to publish our observations to GBIF?

Hello everyone,

I happen to see, on some observations, this icon: “This observation is published on 1 site” (in french for me) :

Can someone explain to me how to make our observations have this characteristic?



Which iNaturalist observations are exported for GBIF, and how often does this export happen?

Research-grade observations with CC0, CC BY, or CC-BY NC licenses [are automatically shared with GBIF]. iNaturalist generates data for GBIF once a week, and we believe they import it once a week.

If an observation’s ID or data quality grade changes, will that change be updated on GBIF?

Changes like this will be reflected in presence or absence of the observation in the DwC-A file iNaturalist generates for them. These changes should show up on GBIF when they import that archive.



Thank you for your help.
I thought I’d set my data to one of these licences (I’m no longer on the PC to check).
So, if I’ve set my licence correctly, this “published on the gbif” icon will be automatic with the link to the occurrence on the gbif site?

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The observations are appearing on GBIF (a specific example: iNaturalist, GBIF). The issue is that the observation pages on iNaturalist aren’t showing the GBIF icons/links even though the observations are on GBIF.


If the observation license (this is something else as photo license) is correct and observation grade is research grade the data will be uploaded. Uploads happen in bulk. Last bulk upload from inaturalist to GBIF happened end of july as you can see here AFAIK uploads happen biweekly. GBIF does also deduplicate data incase you upload an observation to multiple nature mapping websites.


As I say, though, the observations are being uploaded. The issue is that iNaturalist isn’t showing the GBIF icon/link on the user’s observations even though they have uploaded.


iNat checks GBIF once a week for this info, so maybe give it another day or two.

The example that @adamjroberts gave was observed and uploaded to iNat by @sylvainm_53 on 30 July 2022, and reached research grade about a year ago. I guess it’s possible that it only recently became eligible for GBIF because of a change to the observation license, but the GBIF occurrence number seems also to be consistent with it having been added last year. So it does seem that this may indicate a problem on the iNat side that is resulting in some observations not being updated with the icon and link.


Sorry, forgot to check the year - thanks. I’ll do some more checking.

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I haven’t changed my obs licenses in forever (or ever?), so that’s not a factor in my observations.

Looking at my own RG observations, an obs that became RG on June 26th has the GBIF badge. An obs that became RG on June 30th has no badge, no do any of my observations from early July. Seems like either it takes a little over a month for GBIF to put observations in the dataset we check, or we don’t actually check data from them each week.

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Thank you for your explanations and analysis.
Glad to see that my data is already present in the GBIF databases (I should have looked there first!).
I will wait another month, and I will come back here if I still do not have the GBIF icon on my observations.

I asked our devs to take a look to see if it’s broken somehow, or if we pull the data less often than once a week. I’ve been told is a pretty big job to import this from GBIF.

Sorry about this. We double-checked and we actually import data from GBIF at the beginning of the month, not every week. It’s a big job and for July the process took about two weeks. The August process is running now.


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