Old Pitch Pines destroyed for parking lot

A group of very old massive Pitch Pines Pinus rigida in Howard County Maryland that I observed in 2013 (see link below) have now been removed for a parking lot. I had tried on several occasions to get county and state foresters to look at the trees and was told someone would check them out. There is a specimen tree program in Maryland that marks large specimens for preservation. Somehow these fell through the cracks. Unfortunately the pines were in a commercially zoned area.



How disheartening. :(

I have a similar observation. I put up these old pictures of what was once a secondary forest on a slope in Green Brook, NJ. It was actually a whole thing, and before I left the town I thought the application had been defeated for good. I guess not, or the clearing had been done out of spite.

The tract has since been leveled with no sign of impending development. I’m sure that will come. It’s all just sad.

The observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/36424788


Anyone else think of “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell?
“They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot”.

Always sad to see stories like this - I see it happening all around where I live. Huge plots of forest removed for development and more shopping centers.


As long as the population of humans keeps increasing, as long as everyone wants to have children and grandchildren, so will we occupy more and more space and use more and more stuff.

And as long as people want to use private cars instead of public transportation, so we will have more and more parking lots.

And, as long as greed is an overriding motivating factor, so long will development take priority over conservation.


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