On explore tab see beyond 500 species

I seem to recall a way to do this in the past, but can’t find it now and didn’t turn up anything in the forum.
Is it possible (without narrowing down the output) to display the species beyond the 500 most observed? For example, https://inaturalist.ca/observations?place_id=6883&subview=table&taxon_id=47157&view=species&without_taxon_id=47224,47654 - what if I want to see the 100 least observed species? Or just the full list of 2,371 species in order from most to least observed (or vice versa)?


I don’t think you can on the website. I’m guessing there’s a way with the API although I haven’t played around with it, looks like get observations/species counts may let you do this? https://api.inaturalist.org/v1/docs/

It is also my understanding that the 500 is the limit for the website, although I have a bit better understanding of how the API works than how the website is built. reuvenm is right that this information is ready available from the API, which will give you more sorting options…it doesn’t look like the website allows sorting by observation count under explore.

I can give you R/Python code to generate that specific list from the API or just generate it for you as a csv if it’s a one time thing if you just want the data.

The only other option I can think of is to summarize a data export from the website:

The only problem is that it doesn’t look like it accepts without_taxon_id as a filter so you would have to do some additional processing after the export.

Oh and this is the API call for your above example:

You would just have to combine the 5 pages of JSON results.

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Update: the website now lets you view beyond 500.