Is there a way to see your observations in order of least observed species on the website?

Is there a way for users to view a list of a users species observations in order of them having least amount of observations on iNaturalist?

Some species are rarely ever recorded on iNaturalist. I recently uploaded an observation of a species that has only 97 observations on the website. I wondered how many other under-observed species have I posted observations of.

Is there an existing feature to let us see this? Or is it not possible? I’d love to be able to see all my rarest observations all lined up in a row with the amount of global observations visible next to them.


If you go to and export the data, you can sort by the total observations.

These are the taxa that you have observed with the fewest total observations on iNat:


Thank you!

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I personally use this website, as it already has it listed by least observed, and it has clickable links to the taxon observations:


I was literally just going over my least observed finds today and yesterday. didn’t know there was any quicker ways so i’ll have to check some of these links out

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Those are fun links! Looks like identifying tiny brown moths under the microscope is one of the ways to go for getting infrequently-observed taxa… I’ve got about 100 species from the USA that no one else has uploaded yet. lol


You can also use this tool.

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I’m not OP but thank you for sharing this! I have saved it to my bookmarks. This will be a usefull tool. :)

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According to that tool, I am still the sole observer of Sargassum pacificum.

Thanks! This has been super insightful! Turns out I’m one of 5 observers of a sea snail that I would have totally overlooked otherwise.


Thanks for that. Chuffed to see I have the only observation for this species of tree.

Thanks for the link to that tool! I like that it doesn’t require an export and re-sort, and that it includes an icon showing the general category of organism in my infrequently observed taxa…in case I don’t recognize the name. I have 28 (18 plants, 10 arthropods) for which I’m the only observer so far:

Yeah, that’s definitely one way to go! :-)

I just tried it out.
There’s a slight inconsistency. The list shows all observations, including casual, e.g.: garden plants. The links in the list only show Verifiable observations. Helpful, nonetheless!

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That’s because the links go the iNat default explore setting of verifiable + whatever your location is. I find to make the numbers match I have to uncheck verifiable under filters and take out the default location to get worldwide observations.

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Assuming that you can get them identified past “Butterflies and Moths.”

Not sure then if this is truly global on all of them but according to this I have a good many. It is more than it appears at first because you have to include the ones you have multiples uploaded also that no one else has. For example, I have a native bee that I have uploaded 20 observations, and no one else has ever recorded one.