Online Nature Courses/ symposia/ theme days/ lectures/events

This is meant to be a collection of courses, lectures and similar resources available in the world wide web- I would like to invite everyone to share events that would be interesting for others on Inaturalist, ideally fitting the following criteria (please explain why you post something that does not fit the criteria). The criteria are my attempt to make sure that the links will be as accessible as possible/ not promoting a too strong regional bias. I looked (hopefully not too briefly) for similar topics, for now I could not find one just like this. I know that it would fit to the topic “Educators” too, but intuitively chose “Nerd Talk”… hope that fits too. :)

  • Brief Introduction to the Inat-Community: Why you think this is relevant (personal opinion etc.) → please feel also free to comment on other resources that have been shared before

  • online : The Inaturalist community is spread around the world; hence, online events are accessible for everyone

  • free : This way, these are resources that are available for everyone around the world, no matter if they are young or old

  • in English - but feel free to highlight when multiple language options are available

  • relevant to the wider community: i.e., no online events on a very local project (unless it is a project that might be interesting as a best practice for someone on the other side of the globe as well)

  • Nature Talk - from Identification to Nature Journaling, insights in current research on biodiversity and climate or Urban Biodiversity, Citizen-Science, environmental education - whatever cool event comes your way that also fits the criteria mentioned above

  • available For some events, resources are only accessible for a specific time; please delete a post when resources are not available anymore

P.S.: I saw that there was a topic opened about Nature Webinars before, which was similar, but with another, more specific focus (closed now, but seemed fitting to mention here)


When it comes to monitoring of biodiversity, AI is becoming increasingly used as a tool. While I think that we will also find out more and more of its limits, we haven’t yet started to explore all the oportunities that it opens… Here a symposium that looks at AI (not only) from the Entomology point of view:

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in entomology and beyond
Virtual Symposium organized by the Senckenberg Nature Research Society
Always Wednesdays 16:00 CEST, starting May 15
All talks can be accessed using the same link, i.e.:
Meeting-ID: 629 9531 6148
Kenncode: 322829
The program is available here

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From UK, the Tanyptera Project is great, presenting many of the top names in entomology there :

Free online invertebrate ID, field skills, curation, and recording workshops :

Follow them on social media if you want to tune into one live :

Some are UK focussed, but some not.
e.g. fellow dipterists might like to check out the Erica McAllister ones

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That is a great recommendation, thanks for sharing! I already used this resource - Even if they often are UK centered, they go so nicely in depth in specific groups, that they can serve as a very good general introduction to species groups, even in other countries:

E.g. there is a General Introduction to Wasps which would be interesting to people in many regions, and also specialised introductions such as the introduction the Braconid Wasps, where first the systematic of the group is explained a bit, differentiation between Braconid and Ichneumodid Wasp and general anatomic features of the group…

Also some great introduction of specific species, but these would be more interesting for people in Europe (e.g. the UK Mkromoth signs)

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