Online Resources to Help Identification Progress

I am a nature lover at heart and not a professional Identicator as well as a student at WWU but I have a growing passion to learn as much through identification means through iNaturalist and eBird but I would love to have some other websites to read and use as a resource for my identifications. What I am looking for are books and websites that can compare two identification specimens of the found specimen. Anything helps, thank you!


Sure, there are many! Field guides are great for this, and there are more and more online resources being created today.

What organisms are you looking for identification resources of in particular, though? Your post is very open-ended.

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Also taxon specialists write journal posts - you can click thru to their profile and see if they have compiled - How to ID my taxon


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There are a lot of existing threads that touch on this, so you might try searching here on the forum to see if anything helps you out

The ones @dianastuder listed above are the ones I know of as well, though I am sure there are more!

If there is a particular geographic area or taxonomic focus that you are thinking about, you could add that info and it will probably help you receive more useful suggestions - there are so many id resources that could be listed!

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It sure would be nice if journal posts were searchable the way Forum posts are. Opening each profile on the leaderboard and then clicking through to their journal which may or may not have a relevant entry is not efficient.

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Honestly anything and so much but lately I have been wanting to identify species of moths and butterflies by their caterpillar appearance.

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Annotate your preferred Lepidoptera / Location for larva - and see which are the taxon specialists as you go - then see if they offer journal posts.

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