Open test of map tile improvements

It’s not a new problem, other than that style change from “light grey and large circle” to “dark orange and small square” makes the existing issue a lot more salient. It’s obviously not worth stopping the swap to the new maps, but since you were talking color/style options, worth bringing up. @carnifex (or @charlie?) if you want to mock up what an improved map of obscured observations would look like, you can create a topic in #feature-requests we can move the discussion there.


It’s very nice and usefull feature, but I’m missing the scale of squares (it will be nice to know the length of the square.

PS: It’s also strange that if I click on the square I get some single observation. Shouldn’t it be unclickable at all?

The maps have become desperately slow. I can add an ID, an annotation and a project to an observation, and the map has still not appeared by the time I’m done.

Also the pins/squares come up first, and the map last. On places with many observations, this means I cannot actually see the map at all (once it does load) because the pins/squares are already there. Would it be possible to load the map layer before the pin layer? And would it be possible to speed up the map loading time?


I’m not sure if this is a separate issue or related to the map changes, but the bug where if you open an unknown record from the identify screen and open it in the popup view, after adding an ID, the map does not refresh with pins of related records is back.

This got broken and was fixed a while ago, but is now back.

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Is this consistent, @karoopixie?

Yes, Tony.

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i don’t think anyone has commented on the new heatmap since it was still in early development. so i’ll just chime in here and say that the new heatmap looks to me like a vast improvement on the old one. specifically, it looks consistently good/useful at different zoom levels. so i’m looking forward to seeing this go out to the masses.


@pleary – i noticed one minor thing. when you click on a grid cell, it opens a pop-up for an observation (the latest one in that cell?). that’s fine, but i think the area that you click on to trigger the pop-up is actually offset slightly down a few pixels vs the cell. (i noticed this behavior because i had a situation where there was a cell just above another cell, and clicking on either cell seemed to trigger the same pop-up corresponding to the upper cell. i had to click on the bottom half of the bottom cell or a few pixels below it to trigger its pop-up.)

UPDATE: i mocked it up with UTFGrid in green on top of the geotile grid, and it looks like a cell from the geotile grid actually gets represented as 5 one-fourth size cells arranged in a plus sign, instead of 4 one-fourth size cells arranged in a square to match the original cell. i think that’s why i can click below the cell and trigger an action, and i can also click to the right of the cell an also trigger an action.

i think there’s always been a bit of a mismatch between the markers and the UTFGrid representation, but it’s particularly noticeable in the new grid because it’s a grid without overlapping markers.


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