Or'ing two observation fields together in url?

Is there a way to “or” two observation fields in the observations url? Plant the org was found on -or- nectar plant?

If I wanted to see this…
-or this-

And if not possible, is there a way to batch edit all my obs using one field to, in addition, use the other?

i’m not sure why you would want to do any of this, but…

not directly, but you can union the results of two queries outside the system, or if you need to see results in the system, you can get a list of observation ids for each set, merge the observation ids lists, and then query by that merged list of ids.

yes, you can do this in the batch edit screen. just add your parameters to the URL of this screen to get the observations you’re interested in changing, and then use the batch edit function on that screen to add field values. (note that “adding” will effectively edit if you’re adding a field that already exists.)

I assume the purpose of this is to get data on plant/animal associations where there are different observation fields used to record this information.

Research grade observations with certain observation fields are shared with Global Biotic Interactions (GloBI). You might find that their interface provides some additional options to pull up records that track interaction data.

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I’m part of a small local gardening group that is focused on ecological restoration. It would be interesting to me (us?) to see which plants are used by the widest variety of organisms. There are several observation fields that have been created for this…

Plant that the organism was found on
Name of Associated Plant
Nectar Plant

It doesn’t matter to me if it was a goldfinch eating purple coneflower seeds or a bee nectaring, both organisms were being served by the plant. Members of the group have chosen to use many different fields to track this and it would be helpful to be able to see the list of organisms by plant… but this would require an external union (as pisum said)… or the ability (in some cases) to consolidate two observation fields together. I still don’t think I can use batch edit to consolidate but I’m thinking of some sort of external consolidation.

There is “Observations with this field and value”, “Observations with this field”, and “Observations without this field”. What I’m interested in is similar to “Observations with this value”… specifically in instances where the value has a data type of taxon.