Orthographic and grammatical mistakes in the app/website


who should I write if I notice in-app/website grammatical mistakes?

(in Slovene, the word observations is misspelled everywhere on the app).


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hi @ljazz - you can learn more about how to help with translation issues / needs here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/translate


I would flag whatever Taxon / thing it is with a description of the problem.

This is only really appropriate/doable for taxon names. For other text, the link posted above will be best as it describes how to contribute to CrowdIn translations for iNat.



But it seems to me there is a deeper problem.

On crowdin, it is translated and spelled correctly (observation - opazovanje), but on my page a copletely deifferent word appears that is also misspelt (opažan).

but I will try to sort it out over Crowdin

Thank you again

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It was a word used in the app and webpage and translated, and not added by the community (not a common name)

one: “%{count} opažanje”
two: “%{count} opažanji”
few: “%{count} opažanja”
other: “%{count} opažan”
one: “%{count} Opažanje”
two: “%{count} Opažanji”
few: “%{count} Opažanja”
other: “%{count} Opažanj”
Is the translation in Slovene really as easy as you tell us now?

Gotcha. I don’t know any solution to that lol!

No, it is not.

I am sorting it out over Crowdin, but thank you, you found the typo (5th row should be opažanj, not opažan, the second set is correct), but even that is not actually correct.

If you wonder what would be correct it is like this
1 opažanje
2 opažanji
3 opažanja
4 opažanja
5-20 opažanj
and then repeat this pattern in perpetuo:
xxx1 opažanje
xxx2 opažanji
xxx3 opažanja
xxx4 opažanja
xxx5-xxx0 opažanj

I do not know if programmer will be bothered to code that into iNat for such a small language, and I think the system you pasted is good enough. I will correct it when I find it on crowdin.

Thank you!

(additional probelm I found anyway is that there is incosistency between app and webpage (and even in the webpage itself) over which exact word to use for observation)

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