Page resets to top when doing identifications on iPad

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When I do identifications, I usually pick a county to work through. As I scroll down the page and find an observation i can ID or just comment on, when I save the ID or comment, the page resets all the way to the top forcing me to scroll down to where I was. It’d be nice if it placed me back where I was!

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You didn’t say whether you’re using the iNaturalist app or website. Without details like that, it’s hard to know where to start when trying to investigate the issue. Maybe you can share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

Ah yes, sorry about that! I’m using the website via Chrome, on my iPad

I think you’re talking about the Explore page, but I’m not sure. Can you add more responses to the bug report template?

If so, this is a common occurrence on a lot of websites based on how they scroll. Could you open the observations in a new tab instead? Also, the staff know the Explore page is due for a redesign, so this could change in the future, not sure.

Or consider using the Identify page instead, which is designed for quick identification: