Park plants - captive or wild?

If you see a native plant in a park, would you mark it as captive or wild?

I mostly explore parks because I live in the suburbs, and aside from things that are clearly weeds, am hesitant to list other plants - mainly, because I don’t know if they were planted in the park or if they have grown by themselves.

I plan to research my local parks a bit more to assist in making the decision, but I am wondering, how would you label it? What would you like people to label these plans as?

If it looks like it was purposefully planted by humans, then I mark it as cultivated. If I’m not certain, I keep it as wild and add a note in the description. If someone else sees it and has a problem with it being marked as wild, then they can vote for it to be labeled as cultivated in the data quality section. There’s a lot of grey areas with things like this, and I often deliberately fudge things so I can use the system in ways it was not designed for. But even with all that, the place hasn’t burned down yet. So don’t sweat the details too much. ;)

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Thanks zoo!

I didn’t think about the voting option - that’s reassuring!

I might take a similar approach.

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Is your park undergoing continuous planting, or has it been set up and left to get on with it? My local park is the second, so as I’ve got more familiar with it in the years since I moved next to it, I’ve become able to spot when new plants arrive. As you get to know your parks, you’ll be able to recognise when something has changed.

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