Pawpaw Recipes?

Ive done some online searching and found a few decent looking recipes for different baked goods with Pawpaws, but would rather try known firsthand good ones :) Pawpaw season is here and I am getting tired of just eating the fruit (scandalous I know!). I love pawpaws I just get tired of the flavor after eating so many over such a short time frame so I would like to bake!

Particularly interested in “simple” recipes.
Unless you have a macaron recipe for them…i love making macarons. Or maybe a recipe that would work as the filling of the macaron…

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I know one can make pawpaw ice cream and it’s supposed to be fabulous but alas, I don’t have a recipe.

Ive heard the same but I dont have an ice cream maker or way to make it easily. If i had the quantity i would probably ask a local confectioner place to make it for me xD they do small batch local current fruit in season batches of things including gelato and such.

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Well I tried a recipe for cookies I got off some website I cant remember where. I decided to edit the sugar though, it needed more sweetness. I went for one that didnt add other spices and such. It definitely tastes like a pawpaw cookie. Really interesting was how the center turned red, I didn’t expect that! It took about 6 pawpaws to make, some large some medium some small so I would say i can get about 1 oz of fruit off of each pawpaw on average (6oz = 3/4 cup it called for). Very fluffy soft cookie!

(Hope the last photo is ok, its my fav sassy oven mitt hahaha)


I tried them this year for the first time and they’re so good (and now I’m back home where they’re not easily obtained :cry:). If I had more to play with I’d play with the custard aspect. How about panna cotta with the puréed fruit folded in? Or in horchata?

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This sounds great. Any standard base would likely work, or a recipe calling for another fruit purée. Substitute pawpaw in that case.

Thanks for the recipe! I tried a cake and couldn’t taste the pawpaw at all - so disappointing.

Do have a yard or a patch of dirt somewhere? I’ve got 2 trees in my small yard. Took a little work but so worth it! If I knew of a place to donate seeds, I would.

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I recently made a super simple pawpaw recipe that everyone loved. I took one of those little Jello Vanilla Pudding mixes - the 4 serving one, it’s just powder that you mix with cold milk and used it like this to make pawpaw pudding:
Put an envelop of Jello Vanilla pudding mix in a bowl.
(optional) Add 1 tsp Xanthan gum (makes it a little thicker but not needed. and stir
Pour in 1 1/2 cups cold milk (box says 2 but only put 1 1/2)
Add flesh from one large pawpaw and stir well. (My large pawpaws yield around 3/4 cups flesh)
*I put my pawpaw flesh in the blender to smooth it out but it’s not necessary.
The pawpaw flavor with the vanilla is nice.
O! and this will thicken in about 5-10 minutes in the fridge.


That sounds like an excellent filling for a grahm cracker crust base, like a pudding pie!

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I think I “perfected” the cookies. I like the almond flour in them.

I also made PawPaw macarons; the filling has pawpaw (see frosting recipe) and the macaron is just vanilla (dyed in a orange yellow swirl because thats the pawpaw flesh color. I meant to dye the icing too, but forgot). This is my absolute fav so far. I had leftover icing so will be making a cake later xD


Those look so amazing😋.

Someday, I would love to try a pawpaw. I did not even know they were a real thing until recently. I barely recall snatches of a song I learned as a toddler. It went something like,

Picking up pawpaws
Put ‘em in a pocket
Picking up pawpaws
Put ‘em in a pocket
Picking up pawpaws
Put ‘em in a pocket
All day long.


Ive never heard that song! We didnt have pawpaws where i grew up though.

I had sad news though; few times now bad stomach pains, nausea, and headache after eating my baked pawpaw goods. Apparently being allergic to pawpaw is a thing, and cooked pawpaw especially - some folks are fine with fresh but not baked (apparently some interesting chemistry). Ive never had issues eating the odd fresh pawpaw here n there but this is the first year we have found a good producing grove so i had extra to bake with. While my bakes are being loved (and no one else is affected!) they take a lot of time especially since the prep is so long…so im probably done experimenting. :’( i have no idea what else it would be, its the only constant before i get ill. sigh of course i have to have the weird friggin allergy. Isnt the first one unfortunatly (i have a whacked immune system).

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Oh, sorry you got sick from the pawpaws. I’ve never seen a paw paw.

Maybe it’s just an intolerance rather than an allergy? A period of abstinence and moderation may help? I developed an intolerance to apples years ago from eating two a day for many months. It eventually cleared up, happily.

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Make sure you completely remove the skin and seeds before eating. Seeds are easy to avoid bc they are so big but the skin in thin. Before I blend my pawpaw flash, I look it over carefully and mash it a bit with a knife or fork to make sure that there aren’t any smaller malformed seeds.

I do :)

No one else is getting ill from the bakes it is only me. And i am only reacting to baked / cooked pawpaw, not raw/fresh. Tested that tonight.

To be honest…everyone says my first cookie recipe was the better one. But to me, it smells good and touching my tongue it is great but as i chew it gets bitter and soapy flavored; then cant taste pawpaw in it at all. But Everyone else says it tastes just like pawpaw in cookie form so I assumed it was a bit of skin i missed. But its consitant to me and no one else gets that change. Must be like the cilantro issue some folks have - i love that but to my partner it tastes like soap - so i imagine its like that.

The macarons? Awesome. And i dont get sick on them. But its fresh pawpaw in the filling. And i ate a pawpaw fine. Ate another cookie and it was more bitter and soapy than i remember, and I got sick. So yeah. Weird. Def a cooked/baked issue.

@teellbee i think more on the side of allergy, i do have some food allergies and it hits me exactly like those do. Its just weird how raw is fine but baked isnt. I will have to be careful though. Onion is one of my food allergies and for a long time dried powder was fine but used it all time and now it isnt. If garlic joins the list ill be very sad.

I still love the flavour and will continue to eat the fresh in moderation :) I just won’t be baking with it anymore. In my 1 hour of googlefu research there is some info out there from University of Kentucky that it does seem cooked tends to get a much higher rate of reaction to it. There’s some really interesting chemicals in pawpaws and I just scratched the surface. Still plan on planting them and enjoying the fruit itself :)

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I have a lot of seeds to currently sow thankfully!

Familiar with the cilantro soap gene; I don’t have it, but The Doctor does.

I’ll have to look up that UofK research; how chemical compounds change and recombine during processing is both interesting and understudied. Then you get into what compounds are found in different parts of the plant; coriander seed comes from the same plant (Coriandrum sativum) as cilantro leaves, but the seeds usually don’t trigger the chemosensitivity caused by the soap gene.

It’s a bummer that cooking ruins pawpaws for you. I’ll bet you could freeze the mash and use it the same as fresh, though.

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Yes!! I love the chemistry of baking, lately been making various French things and I feel like its all the same four ingredients combined in different orders & fashions, haha! But they produce very different things!

I wonder if that can change though? For me, it was the thing where papaya tastes like vomit; but after being in the Dominican Republic long enough to have lots of exposure to papaya, that seems to have lessened.

Rather like adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine.