Peridroma saucia auto suggestion

I’m going to have a little rant here. I’m finding some folks are relying on the AI identification too much. With nearly every non-descript brown/grey moth the first AI suggestion is Peridroma saucia.
For me, this means pages of corrections. Yes, they are a fairly non-descript moth, and are quite variable, but please learn some of the features that distinguish the species and don’t rely on the first suggestion that pops up.
End of (mild) rant.

Just out of curiosity, does the AI also say: “We’re pretty sure this is in genus Peridroma” in addition to putting the species at the top of the list?

I’d recommend you add the species to the Computer vision clean-up wiki.

Curious about if there are features you recommend looking at when IDing such?

Sometimes it does, but often not. There is only one species in that genus in NA.

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