Suggestions on Identification Page

Is it possible to have the AI suggest a species on the Identification modality? It does so in the “Explore” modality, but not here:

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I have only recently realised - you can click Suggestions on that top bar.

I was just about to say that.

However, please be careful taking suggestions from the CV, it is not fool proof and has put some outlandishly out of range suggestions before.

(Never heard of that taxon, where is it on the map? Out of range, but maybe the obs slots into a higher taxon?)

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Thanks so much! When I’ve clicked on that suggestions tab on the top bar, I’ve found the succestions to be uniformly bonkers. If there’s a moth in the picture, it suggests trees and iguanas. The suggestions in “Explore” mode are vastly more logical. Hence my question.

See below: why does it think that caterpillar is a frog?

You have the Source set to Observations, which brings up 500 various taxa that was recorded in the location of the observation (This was edited, previously it said it brings up all taxa recorded in the location of the observation, which is incorrect for places with >500 taxa recorded)


Got it! Many thanks. Problem solved! I think. Nevertheless, this could be set up more intuitively…

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Most observed here - is not a useful first choice. I would probably be able to ID that without hesitation.
The checklist option can also be useful.

(You will get better targeted CV suggestions if you start with an ID at the level you are confident. You can delete it after you have settled on a finer ID. L for Leidoptera, then consider what CV offers)

I’d like to have the same CV suggestions automatically available that I can get when uploading observations. Very handy for spelling, etc. For me, it mostly speeds up naming things because I don’t have to type. Potential downside: It would be easy to get careless and just accept the CV’s suggestion.

This having to click onto a different panel and deciphering the source thing – annoying. I just type in the name rather than bother with this.


Life became easier when I discovered I didn’t have to type the whole name, just a few letters. However there are some names I cannot remember even the first few letters of (Muehlenbeckia, anyone?), and that’s when the “Suggestions” tab is very helpful.