Permanently stuck in State Of Matter Life?

(I reviewed other posts before adding this but so far I don’t see this question addressed)

When IDs are made for something that started as StateOfMatterLife, the Community Taxon bar does not appear, so the ID progression does not appear to be happening.
IDs do not change the category out of StateOfMatterLife.
Does this mean that when someone uses this category, it is stuck there forever?
If so there is no point in adding IDs.

If there is a way to help get these out, I would appreciate knowing - Thank you.


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All of these are in “Life” because there is disagreement between two kingdoms (Chromista and Plantae) and not enough votes to override the dissenting Rhodophyta vote.


In addition, once they have 3 votes in the correct kingdom (to surpass the 2/3 threshold), the community ID will update. At current, this is denoting that there’s really no community ID.


Case in point wrt

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