Photo upload problem with Pixel 3 "Files isn't responding"

I recently got a pixel 3, and now have a problem about half the time I try to upload pictures to the app. I select the green plus icon to make a new observation, select “choose image”, and instead of showing me the files, the screen goes black except for the info bar and home button, and the phone becomes unresponsive. Sometimes it eventually give me the error of “Files isn’t responding” (see image below)

Eventually I am able to close the black screen and inaturalist and start again, but it leaves an empty “unknown” observation in my list.

This could be some issue with the phone itself, but it hasn’t happened for any other app (that I’m aware of). If it is my phone, any suggestions on how to address it?

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I also use a Pixel 3 and have never had a problem like that with iNat or any other app. What version of iNat and what version of Android are you using? Do you have ample free space or is your phone almost full? What happens when you open the Files app on its own? Is it possible that you’ve set the Files app to open by default when another app asks for photos? You can check that last thing by going to the Settings app, choosing “Apps & notifications,” choosing “Files,” “Advanced,” “Open by default.” If that’s set, you probably want to unset it and the next time you use iNat to choose external photos, choose the Photos app or something. I’m not sure why that would cause a crash, though, and since the crash seems to be happening in the Files app, I don’t think it’s something we would see from our end.

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Thanks for the suggestions kueda :)

The inat app had the most recent version 1.12.3, and I just uninstalled it and reinstalled it. At the moment it is working again, so maybe that was the only problem?

Storage is fine, I’ve got nearly 100GB free

No defaults were set, and when I reinstalled inat, it asked again for permission to access my files.

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I’m glad it’s working now, but that’s still weird. If it happens again, see if you can come up with some steps you can follow after reinstallation that reproduce the bug. If I can make it happen on my phone it’ll be a lot easier to figure this out.