Photos not dropping into bioblitz


Hi! I’m a new user and a master naturalist-in-training. My class is planning a bioblitz (Rockstars Bioblitz at Canyon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce) at an existing “place” but my photos do not always “drop in” as they should (I’m testing prior to the actual bioblitz). I also notice that under “place” (Canyon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, as above, the photos do not show up. I suppose the bioblitz portion of the issue could be resolved by creating a new place with the street address but it doesn’t solve the issue of future photos from the bioblitz not showing up under the CLACC place. I could use some advice!

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Thank you for testing out the project first, that’s often key to having a successful project. Looking at your project, I think the issue might be this:

It would be helpful to have the URL of an observation that you believe should be in the project but is not.

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thanks for the information. I added a second place with a larger boundary since I was unable to edit the original place and think the problem is corrected. I do think the issue was addressed in the link you provided. And I realize now that the photos show up under the original place under observations (the second tab), so part of my issue was my own learning curve with the website and its many attributes.


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