Photos of observations not showing up on my emailed update or on my dashboard site for 2 days now

Platform: website, email update






Description of problem:
Observations not appearing on email update or on my dashboard

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I am having the same problem on my older Apple laptop. It tells me that the security certificate is expired and iNaturalist may be trying to steal my bank information. LOL


iNaturalist Canada recently had to renew its security certificate, possibly related to that.


Same problem here. El Cap 10.11.6 and Safari 11.1.2. I got the same security cert warnings on a ton of other sites, but iNat seems to be the only site where the images aren’t loading. I’ve tried all the Safari hacks I can find. Works fine on Firefox. Edited to add - Interesting to note that icons load fine on the forum in Safari.

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Yay! All is good again. Just got emailed the latest 24 hour updates and all photos are showing. Checked my dashboard and it’s all there again too! Thanks to whoever fixed the glitch
Thanks to all for letting me know I wasn’t the only one, and it wasn’t something I was responsible for!!


Ditto - all seems to be fixed here too. Thanks!!

Sorry about that folks, we were able to get a fix in, as you can see.