Place boundary for "Oregon and Washington" (place ID 65818) clips corner of washington

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Step 1: query place ID 65818

Step 2: zoom to NW corner of WA

Step 3: Notice NW coordinates are located too far east

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Welcome to the forum!
That is a community curated place, and community curated places can be any shape and have any name that the user chooses. If you want both Washington and Oregon, it would be better to use both of the standard places put together:,46&subview=map


For a contributed place, you would ordinarily contact (via message) the user who created the place and ask them to correct the boundary. The creator can be found by scrolling all the way to the bottom left on the place page.
However, in this case the user created the Oregon and Washington place many years ago and hasn’t been active since 2018, so is unlikely to respond. You could flag the place (link at upper right of place page) and see if a curator could help, but they’re likely too busy to worry about it, especially as the workaround by @jwidness gives an exact boundary to the area you want, rather than the crude polygon that misses the state boundaries in several places.

Since this isn’t a bug, I’m going to close this thread.