Place with no polygon, just a dot (Kissimmee Prairie Preserve)

This place: is a dot place that is not even in the park. I think it was created by the site since there is no info on who created it.

Is there any way it can be deleted? There is another place that is correct:

I deleted the dot-only place.

Just one note, unless someone edited it between your post and Cassi’s deletion, while it was a duplicate, it actually was not a single point place.

All place maps have a dot on them, it is the geographic centroid of the boundaries. If there are no boundaries, then of course they are one and the same, but all maps will have a dot

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Thanks, I didn’t know that!

The deleted single point place in the 1st URL now redirects to the 2nd polygon place.

I looked at it before you did the merge, but did not post or correct as I scurried off to do something else (ie let the dogs out) and you got to it in the interim.