Places your going in the next 2 years

Personally for me i’m excited to photograph species in Arizona, New Zealand, and potential candidates according to my family is Islands around the USA including but not limited to Hawaii, Bahama’s, Virgin Islands, Jamacia, Cuba, and Puerta rico. As many of you know or will know if you check out my main Anycade1 thats not on this fourm you will know i am based in Ohio and is an avid insect photographer there.


Everybody should come to New Mexico!

I would love to plan an eco-turismo trip to Panama or Ecuador in the next couple years. There are also a few states in Mexico high on my list.


We will be visiting the Oriente (Ecuadorean Amazon) and Galapagos in June. It was meant to happen back in 2020 but…things occurred.

Can. Not. Wait!


Since I am immunocompromised, the lifting of mask mandates on planes means im stuck for far travels. I really hate how people act like it isnt at least a bit of a problem to mitigate as we can…because those of us with chronic conditions are still stuck while the world goes by like nothing happened. I was just thinking okay…boosters (for me)…other countries at least one set now…masking in public transit… lets take the slight risk and plan something - and not a week later that mandate was lifted. Everyone i know who has plane traveled has come home quite ill. And I am one who n95’d on planes BEFORE covid or Id get sick on vacation.

We may be doing a road trip out west towards utah, or heading up east coast to maine, but who knows. Life is much in the air and I mostly explore local.

Bucket list if I can ever travel again and if these places are ever safe for queer femme presenting travelers from US (as some are def not!) includes:
South Africa

Plus we had ongoing work in northern Spain that would be nice to get back to.


Nothing prevents you continuing to do so; but I can see how you would prefer that the people potentially with the germs keep it in. I cannot even imagine what it must be like for you.


Going back to Oman soon. Can’t wait! I’ll see if I can double the beetle observations there (I have already doubled them twice).


I have a few hopes. First, to get back to my heart-home in the Dominican Republic, because what I have going on there needs attention. Secondly, I have been seriously considering taking one of those BirdQuest trips to Africa or New Guinea.

Other than those two, I plan to be a homebody for a while, because the whole point of my moving to a cheaper place was to avoid overspending.


those sound nice!! in the next 10 years i wanna go to Germany, Falklands Islands, and Reunion Island for their endemics!

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In the short term, I plan to visit New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia. I’ve been once before (photo below), but I’m planning on exploring a different area of the park.

Also, in the next few years I hope to visit Andhra Pradesh, India where my partner grew up. This will be my first time visiting Asia.


Sakhalin, South of Dagestan, Baikal, Chabarovsk or Jewish AO or maybe Kamchatka, it’s hard to decide for the next year, too many places I’ve never been to, I though a lot about Astrakhan’/Kalmykia and Kaliningrad for a short visit too as well as like 5 other places.
But spending more time in Ryazan’ and Leningrad Oblast on our two dachas is definitely what will happen.

I’m one of those crazy rappelers on Bridge Day. Did that for quite a few years…best views rappeling through the fog off the NRG bridge… my partner and I did a tandem rappel every year too. Rappel racks are engineering marvels, actually developed by a NASA engineer who worked on Apollo (Huntsville was actually Cave City before it was Rocket City, there are a lot of rocket scientist-cavers). If you wat around 3:40 when I come off rope, the weight change that makes how the brake bars on the rack shift. (also why you see a French Wrap in use, with that much rope weight you can’t lock off instantly in any other way so it’s a common long rope SRT skill to use)
When you attend the rappeler’s safety meeting…if a base jumper hits your rope you have two choices - lock off and hang on dear life, or race them down and hope they get caught&tangled above you…and yes some of the idiots would play chicken with our ropes - and sometimes lose (this photo ended up getting used as a DONT FING DO THIS at least for the next few years…I’ve not been in a while):

There’s 24 rig spots I believe. Longest rappel is almost 900 ft and you land right on the edge of the river. My fav rig spots were the ones near the railroad as it was not a steep landing zone then xD

Best views from that bridge…NRG is beautiful. Maybe we should explore more of the park someday xD

Yeah I may end up risking it; if the counts are low both here and final destination and the layovers. I honestly worry the most about going through Atlanta airport which everything connects through. I definitely have travel-fever, I used to do a big trip almost every year, and there is some balance of mental health with the physical in staying in place and canceling all major plans for almost 3 years now. It is why I’m trying hard to sooth that itch with local travel, and drivable places.


Yes - sigh - mask mandates and my immune-compromised husband. But he WILL travel …



And when I really have to, back inside.


Nice to see you here, Cade!

NZ is crazy cool. I’m hoping I can make my way back to Australia and New Zealand in the next two years. Japan is also pretty high on the wishlist. Those are kind of big-ticket items, and I’d be just as happy to go somewhere I haven’t been in a while or have never gone before… Everywhere is somewhere!

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Aren’t we all going up Shit Creek?


You’d think so, but it’s been diverted to make way for another luxury condo development.

  • In April, I’m touring Israel
  • In July I’m visiting Speculator & Niagara Falls, NY
  • I will! next June/July, I’ll be backpacking near Cimarron.

It’s funny, as a NZer I can’t wait to get out of here!


My nephew is very settled on emigrating to Australia, and his desires seem to have sparked similar ones in my son, who now also feels deeply about going there for an extended period of time. Not quite NZ but my point in mentioning it at all is that I think for a lot of people, whenever you are you’d like to leave. Grass is always greener, that kinda jazz.

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i just want to do some Genus dexing lol

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