Plant data for wealthy countries "skews" global data

Summary ( article):

Research paper (Oikos):

Not exactly an unexpected finding (the article is dealing with long-term studies, eg, effects of climate change over decades on a population). I suppose it would probably hold true for animals as well, except for large and / or charismatic species.


Does the article or community have any recommendations to improve this inequality going forward?

" ‘Our findings should serve as a call for the [scientific community] to target these understudied regions and types of plants. Understanding plant demography can guide conservation when environments are rapidly changing’, says co-author Johan Dahlgren, also from the Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark."


A shocking study reveals that scientists should concentrate on less studied areas.


Yes, shocking indeed. Followed by a generic call to action.


Hard to do when the reason those are less well studied areas is because they are less well funded areas.

Since we are on iNat, you could focus on helping to ID obs from those ‘lesser’ countries.

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