Plant phenology graph data

Is there a way to download the monthly data from a species phenology graph?

the underlying data comes from the API via /v1/observations/popular_field_values.

for example, you could get data for Rudbeckia amplexicaulis (taxon 200073) from

you can also get the data via /v1/observations/histogram. this one will allow you to specify different time intervals (ex. month of year, monthly, daily, weekly, etc.), though you will have to make a separate request for each phenology value (flowering, budding, etc.).

for example, the corresponding month-of-year “flowering” data set for R. amplexicaulis could be obtained from

this page may help to display this data in a more human-friendly format:

annotation codes can be found here:


Thanks for all you do for iNaturalist.


This is great. Can use this for week_of_year. I added place_id and got results, but am having troubling with getting results for a defined rectangle.

what is the URL that you’re using to try to get the results for the defined rectangle? (if you want to keep the location private, take a look at the way i’ve defined a rectangle around part of the Greater Houston area: does that look like more or less how you’re defining a rectangle?)

I think this will work, thanks

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