Plant sex annotations

All plant obs can be annotated for sex. Including the most of them where it is irrelevant, since the flowers are both male and female.

If I want to display photos of Leucadendron salignum
I can choose to sort either by Female OR by Flowering.
But I cannot display the useful option - this is what Female Flowers look like.


Drives me crazy! Male/female does not capture the important options for flowering plants, either for the plant as a whole (dioecious, etc.), or the particular flower. I want to be able to sort by those categories.

Also annoys me mightily that plants are not broken down, even as far as vascular/nonvascular, when animals are broken down to all kinda categories. But that’s a soap box for another day.


Frustrating to find things in the forum again. Buried somewhere is an older post where someone devoted time and effort to making thumbnail icons for useful plant categories (as we already have for smaller numbers of obs across animals) @bouteloua do you remember that thread? iNat has a mindset of, oh yes, and then there’s plants (a negligible two thirds of all obs)

Can only find
and this, also not the one I remember

and then explaining to new iNatters - that the sex annotation is not the gender police

I’m confused, are you saying someone thought they needed to mark their plant observations with their gender?

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Sorry, didn’t mean to divert the conversation to the whole iNat plant blindness topic.

Yes, I really wish we had finer annotations for plant sex. The only feature request I could find that slightly touches on this is


That’s not specific to plants, it’s simply the technical limitations of annotations as they’re currently implemeted, as far as searches and filters go. So you also can’t choose to see photos of, say, adult female insects.

It’s also why you can only choose one annotation (or annotation and value) for collection projects

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It has happened to me a few times.
Newbie sees an annotation on a plant obs asking for sex.
The plant they are observing has male AND female flowers so the annotation is irrelevant / wrong.

He puts male, she puts female - and I don’t know how to explain … some plants have male flowers on one plant, female on another. But the whole catastrophe doesn’t apply to your obs. I am mortified by iNat.

Let me guess: the “solution” is the same one as in this thread – Are there redundant observation fields, and if so, should they be merged? - General - iNaturalist Community Forum

Not quite. We need the plant sex option to default to only showing for taxa where it would apply. Current default is ALL plants.

Or have another option, even something as simple as “other” in addition to male and female.

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And define the field as either relating to the specific flower being photographed, or to the plant as a whole (i.e., the difference between monoecious and dioecious.)

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