Plastics From Clothes in The Environment

Hi everrrrrryone! I was just wondering something…
Going around the store I see a lot of clothes with tags that read “Eco-friendly, made from recycled bottles.” But when you wash them, doesn’t it just release micro plastics? And what about when they go in the trash? :thinking:


Maybe it should read “Eco-friendlier”, which is equally as vague as the other designation. Unless there is a mark that can be followed up on to determine what the label or claim actually means, I tend to ignore ALL such labels and bracket them into the worst-case category that it could realistically be.


I suppose making clothes from used plastic bottles is a small improvement. It keeps the plastic out of the waterways for however long the clothes last. It is better than just dumping the old bottles in the ocean and making new plastic for the clothing. … but probably not a real long term solution to anything.


Recycling is a good thing. Consuming less and re-use is even better. But I am very suspicious about the labels Eco-friendly, Organic, etc., etc. Don’t believe in them.


I’ve wondered about plastic fibres clogging our septic system when the laundry water gets purged.


More likely to be clogged by natural fibre from cotton or wool.
(Municipal sewers battle with fatbergs combining ‘flushable’ wipes with waste oil from kitchens)

Microplastic can cross the blood-brain barrier, and the placenta to unborn children.



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