Please help with advice on "frozen" frogs

Hi. We’ve two, enormous, dead-looking frogs in our small garden pond after a deep freeze. I heard that they can come back to life after going into deep hibernation during frosts. Is this true? Should I leave them there? I had an instinct to place them in our compost pile for a bit of warmth, as we’ve found several there over the years. Because of their size, I don’t want to leave them in the pond if they are dead. Can anyone please advise?

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This depends on the species of frog. Some frogs can indeed freeze and survive, but others burrow underground or in the mud at the bottom of lakes and ponds where they won’t freeze solid.

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Without knowing species of frog, hard to say. Might be dead or in deep torpor. If you’re concerned about them eventually decomposing in the pond, maybe move them to a bucket of water and put in a cold but more sheltered area like a garage. See if they revive somewhat.

If you can get a clear photo of them, upload it to to find out their species. If you leave a starting ID of “frogs” you should get an answer pretty fast and can update us here.


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