Plot seasonality by week instead of by month

I really like the seaonality graphs, but I think plotting monthly tallies is too coarse. Weekly would provide better detail. eBird does its seasonality weekly. Perhaps some people might like the option to select whether the plots are monthly or weekly. I think I’d prefer just weekly.

One issue I can see with that is that species with few observations might end up having very… irregular graphs. If it is changed, I hope an option would be kept for a coarser graph.


Sure the graphs might end up being irregular. Many of the common, wide ranging species have seasonalities that differ greatly across their ranges, between years, etc. So I think weekly data isn’t really informative in the manner iNat presents it, summed across all observations. Even monthly graphs are limited in my opinion.

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You can filter by place (see top right corner of the below images), and that will only show observations from that place. Here are Mallards in the US:

And Mallards in Australia:

Just remember that the place filter is “sticky” so it will be applied to every taxon page until you change or clear it.