Poems about nature?

What poems have you written about nature?
I’m actually an avid poet, so here’s my favourite nature poem.

A remark on the similarity of mosquitos

I can’t ID the Species

Even using a mild freeze

But according to ID theses

It’s clearly a notorious Aedes.

Determining species-level with ease

Is like steaming in a cyclone breeze

(But steaming can make you sneeze

It scalds the nose, so stop, please

Keep healthy and cut down fees

Hear your concerned poet’s pleas)

So the complexity of ID’ing these

Is beyond my proudest activities

And, on sight, you have to squeeze

Them, since they carry disease

Which can make you bleed and wheeze

Be careful of these monstrosities!

So ID’ing mosquitoes (like fleas)

Is not within most abilities

So for a simpler start with ID’s

Better go with butterflies and bees!

By Vihansith


Not good at making poems,but,will try sometime later.

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I wrote a few poems in my teens and twenties, but they’re are buried somewhere.

I’ve always enjoyed the nature-related poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay.

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I am fond of Haiku… :)

Artistic blurring
Makes your photo beautiful.
I cannot ID.


I write haiku sometimes!

snow footprints
barely show
the squirrel’s passage

trickles of water trace
grooves in sheer granite
among the ferns

loon voice fills our valley
and pours into
dark morning dreams

the tree’s cool umbrella
sizzles with the evening rain
no need to rush inside

bog moss
gives way to
one wet sock


Beauty facing me
Time to get my camera
Damn it flew away!


flighty skipper please
stay still for just a moment
I walk back alone

Santoka is one of my favorites and he frequently used nature as part of his expression, compare the several haiku he wrote while ill:

I lie down I get up leaves fall

Wide awake and feeling the moon right above

Withering grass I sit on its beauty

I live withdrawn and a wren

Dangling the snow falling on a bagworm

Just as they are weeds sprout

From the mountain white flowers to my desk

Into the sky young bamboo with no troubling thoughts

Around me all grasses every one blooming


I don’t do well with Haiku

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100% relatable

I love it!!!


They’re all just gorgeous!

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you know I last year wrote a poem about sparrow conservation, rather call it a song because it is on guitar,
wake up call
wake up call
flying here
flying here
come to home

your wake up call
wake up call
fly high
fly high
sing a song
sing a song
make some noise
make some noise
very far

Where are you
where are you
are you there
are you there
you are so
you are so
are you sick
are you dead
wake up call
are you gone?
I know
you will come
right here
front of me
light will come
feeder will full
you will come
my dear

your wake up call
wake up call
- By Abhijat Shakya

So, how was it? I am still waiting for sparrow to come, but I hope they will come back again in my house, some day


and others are my poems which I will write later on


Sad story :(


the good part is that sparrows are reappearing not in my house but they are in other parts of my colony


Vihaking277 — your poem reminds me of something from Star Trek, a poem one of the characters wrote about a cat, called “Ode to Spot.” Look it up, I think you’ll like it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome embersnail to our community :)

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Oooh, I’ll be sure to check. Btw, Welcome to the forum!!!

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I’m not sure if I do it well either! I like the brevity of it - it doesn’t ask too much from me. 3 lines and I’m done.

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