Post short GIF-like video clips exhibiting a behavior

I often end up with these very short little videos when taking frame after frame of an observation, hoping that one of the image captures will be best in focus or position. I prefer live, action shots. … Anyway, one of my recent little video clips was of Diaphania Infimalis. It was fantastic, because the ‘not often photographed in a natural setting’ little moth was in what I can only call ‘cocky mode’, waving his tail back and forth, while on a beautiful green plant background. … I was so excited to have captured this, and hoping to post it somewhere on iNat, but can’t seem to find a way to do that. Am I just not finding where to do this, or is it just not possible on iNat?

You can’t do this with actual videos, but you can upload GIFs. There’s lots of free GIF generators online (I just used one yesterday for a video). Here’s a feature request to add videos themselves (and an explanation for why they aren’t currently available).


You can also add it to the project for Animated Observations – take a look at some here:


Hmm… I just converted it to a GIF, and when I tried to share it on the iNat app it gave me an error message saying that format was not accepted. Only jpg, jpeg, and png extensions are acceptable. … I guess I can take the project route, but I’m fairly new on iNat, so I don’t expect that it will be seen. … Oh well, life is full of these little disappointments. I’ll live. ;-) I suppose I could just add a link to the video or gif under comments on the original observation, should anyone want to see it.

How are they adding these animated files to the project? I can’t seem to add any format other than jpg, jpeg, or png.

GIFs aren’t supported in the apps, sorry. You’ll have to use the website to upload it.


Diaphania Infimalis Pearl Moth GIF Got it! THANK YOU! :)


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