Potential New iNaturalist "Game Mode" using QuestaGame

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to update you on QuestaGame’s developments/integration with iNat.

As you may have heard, we have a new AR feature (beta release) - which we think you’ll enjoy. It’s pretty cool (I think it’s first in the world). Could be a good “game mode” which has been raised in this forum.

You may need to “sync” your account with QuestaGame (Menu > Settings) for it to work, because the AR only works if there are sightings in your area (we didn’t want to include iNat sightings without users’ permission).

The “sync” also resolves the duplicate submission issue which some iNat/QG users are facing. And it should resolve the ability to upload QG sightings directly to your own iNat account (as opposed to the single QG account).

IMPORTANT: Please note that we are transitioning to an OAuth login/credential. In the meantime, we are ENCRYPTING passwords and do everything we can to protect them (we can’t see them). We are not in the business of stealing passwords, and of course, it’s always best practice to use different passwords for your various logins.

Also, when you “sync” your account on QGame, it will load your “research grade” sightings to your QG collection (without points). We are not sure if this is a good idea, and there’s a good chance we’ll change it. Idea was to prevent players from submitting sightings which are already research grade on iNat.

Lastly - we’re looking at ways to improve the general iNat-QG integration and have been in discussions with iNat about this. More info soon. I’m always keen to hear thoughts about ways to improve this. I’ll be in San Francisco the 18th (Monday) to 23rd if anyone wants to meet up and discuss.



oh wow, if there’s a new AR feature i may need to finally try this out. Once the 2 feet of snow melts.

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