Problems with the Cx. pipiens complex


I’m rather new to iNaturalist, so I am not sure if I have not figured it out yet, or if there is an actual problem (and I should have posted this in the bug section). Working with mosquitoes, I noticed that there is no possibility to id a specimen as a member of the Culex pipiens complex (e.g. How can I id a mosquito as a member of this complex? Or, if this complex is missing, how (by whom) can it be generated?

Further, I noticed that there are two entries for Culex pipiens (one with a common name). Why is that?

Cx pipiens


There’s no complex for them on iNat, and those can’t be automatically added, so you won’t be able to add such id, for that stuff you create a flag on the parent taxon and ask curators to add one. For last question it is misspelling, different people added different names for one taxon, again, create a flag on one of them about need of merging 2 species.


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