Project not recognized

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Step 1: Project created with two administrators; map of project location is indicated. I can search and locate the project in iNaturalist

Step 2: 6 observations are shown on the new project although there are other observations that have been made in the chosen area that are not showing

Step 3: Among my observations, I have one made in the chosen area several months ago which is not coming up in the new project. When I try to edit it to add it to a project, Join Project comes up. When I try, the project is said not to exist. Under Projects that I’ve joined, there are no projects.

Hello! Welcome to the iNat Forum. Specific URLs, such as for your project and for example observations that are not showing up, are very helpful for troubleshooting.

Take a look at this topic - the reason they are not appearing in the project is likely explained there.

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