Project not showing up on Mobile

Platform : Android

App version number : 1.24.2

Screenshots of what you are seeing :
Project I created

Description of problem :
Whenever I upload an observation on mobile, the project I want to add my observations to doesn’t show up. When I try to view the project that I created and am a member of, it says I haven’t joined, but it works if I go on the website.

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I can replicate and I filed a bug report:

with the updated version (1.25.5) I do still see this bug on the ‘nearby’ tab, but it is apparently now working normally for the projects I’ve joined

I should just note this is a beta version, it’s not a public release. Bt yes, the project issue is one of the fixes although there’ll be a better one soon in the next beta for those who are in 100+ projects.

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This should be fixed now, I’m closing the bug report.

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