Project Stats dysfunction

The key for the stats graph in my project is not displaying properly, the bottom two categories are cut off to viewers. I received this complaint " The center chart breaks down the species count into categories. Oddly, the key for this chart appears to show the orange as ‘mollusks’. The largest part of the chart is orange, and if you hover over that it says insects - which makes more sense. I think what is going on is that the bottom of the key is cut off in my display, and there’s another shade of orange down there for insects." When I checked the graph I confirmed that the bottom two key colors and their explanation are cut off. How can this be corrected?

Screenshot would help

As would a link to the project and info on how you are viewing it.
If using a browser, checking the zoom would be good.

sounds like the issue previously reported here: moderators might want to consolidate.


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