Projects targeting new iNaturalists?

Does anyone know of any projects that specifically target people who are new to iNaturalist, with the goal of helping them through the initial steps of learning to use the site? I’m not thinking of projects like, say, the many City Nature Challenges, where a journal post or two might explain the basics of iNat. I’m thinking of projects that concentrate on the first few weeks or months when someone starts using iNat. I’ve tried searching the project list, but I’ve not found search terms that yield anything like what I’m talking about. Thanks!


Hmm, not that I know of, but it’s a cool idea.

One thing I try to do, if I’m in a patient mood, is to use the Identify page and filter by Account Creation, choosing in the last week to see observations from new accounts.


When going through them, I use a text expander browser extension to add comments from the Frequently Used Responses page (and some of my own devising) to the observations, to help people get settled in to iNat.


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