Propose a default/Basic set of Observation fields

  1. make those fields on inat but might be a pain to
    I just do not want to add another field which probably already exists on iNaturalist with a few cosmetic changes. But this seems to be the way to go in Inaturalist ? And second i would like to use the default field
    The value of the field changes by taxonomy. If you have FISH than you see other values in the field than if you have a bird.
    I must agree that first time users agree that it is a bit hard (but so many user fields are also very hard) but hard core users love it because it covers 99% of the needs for 100.000.000 observations and 40.000 users.
    The main complaints are for collectors it thought…so if you have determinator, a collector, a collection and a first and second determination by several people.

The same field ‘appearance’ (plumage) for Birds (=1)

The same field ‘appearance’ (plumage)for fish(=9):

Lookup table for different taxonomy groups, one language

The same field ‘appearance’ (plumage) for Plants(=8/10):


Lookup table for different taxonomy groups, one language

I would like to see the “freestyle fields” continue as they are, the flexibility is awesome! However, I also like the annotations and how they standardise critical fields such as sex and lifestage. I think fresstyle fields are good way to discover what extra information observers are coding to their observations, and “taking up” particularly useul ones and creating annotation versions is brilliant! I think it would be good to explore a few more additions to the annotations…


I’m going to close this as we’ll handle taxon-specific fields as annotations, and those will likely be limited to a few essential ones per taxon.

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