Protection against account deletion?

Are there any safeguards against your account being deleted by various means such as user accident, software glitch, or someone hacking into an account? I have an empty second account associated with another email I’d like to delete, but it scares me that in trying to delete it, I might somehow delete my real account.

If you accidentally delete your account, you can email, and they should be able to help you reinstate it, although the content will be gone.

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Hi @dan_johnson, the current protection in place is this:



  1. you have to be logged into your account - to help protect against other people accessing it, don’t share your account information and don’t stay logged in on public computers
  2. on the account settings page it says Danger Zone and you have to click Delete your account
  3. it confirms the number of observations/IDs (so you should be able to easily distinguish that info from your 2nd empty account when viewing this page)
  4. you must type in your username (again to confirm it’s the right account)
  5. you must press the Delete button


Furthermore, this action cannot be undone. If you change your mind later, you aren’t getting any of that content back.


I think that it has been mentioned in the past that in extreme situations, iNat staff can load back observations etc from backups. I agree though, there is a massive “but what if” at play when doing anything of that nature!

There was this thread discussing the topic:

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