Puffling, anyone?

Yes, sensational headline, but interesting story from Iceland (and NPR).


They should add the razorbill to angry birds

I don’t remember where but I saw something about this a few weeks ago and thought it was the coolest thing

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Anyone remember that David Attenborough clip on the puffling?

I’d never heard about that until I red the article attached. To sad that they have the same problem with lights as we here in Florida have. Our problem isn’t attracting bird in the wrong direction though, it’s the baby turtle hatchlings. Instead of heading towards the sea they turn and go to the inland lights. Most communities are becoming very aware of the problem and now only allow certain types allowed or completely ban them. We humans negatively effect nature in so many innocent ways that we never think of. Sad really.

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When I read the headline I had similar thoughts, triggered by the use of the word, ‘normal’. Normal is a time-span relative term.

For most of puffin history, this ‘normally’ wasn’t a problem. Now it is. We’re going to see much more demand on communal stewardship of the natural world from now on. That might help us re-appreciate the connections we have lost. It might not.

I can’t help but think of words from the song of Canadian folk legend, Bruce Cockburn titled The Trouble with Normal.

“The trouble with normal is it always gets worse”

Not exactly optimistic, but at least it forces us to confront the truth.

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