Qualifying observation excluded from inventory project

This observation
falls within the place of this project:

Yet the observation is not included in the project. It should be included, and I need it to be included.

But this observation
and others at the same coordinates are included in the project.

The observations and the project are mine.

What is going wrong or what wrong setting is my project using that keeps some observations that belong from being included in the project?

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The location of the observation is obscured, thus it’s not being publicly indexed in https://www.inaturalist.org/places/111277 Please see this FAQ: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help#projectlink

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Is there a way for me to see which other records of mine and species recorded by me have been quietly kept out of the place due to geoprivacy?

It’s time to export records and create a species list for the season inventory summary for the refuge. I had been hoping to just export the project data, but now I don’t know how incomplete it will be, what it will be missing.

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This search url should get what you want, listing all of your observations that are set to ‘obscured’:
See this forum tutorial for more options:

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You might consider using a traditional project for this, rather than a collection project.

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