Actual project observations don't match the preview -- actual excludes a number of eligible observations

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Step 1: I created the my project for a BioBlitz and listed it such that any observation of specific taxa at our location will show up, and the person doesn’t specifically need to join the project.

Step 2: The project has ended and a number of observations that meet the requirements (right data range, right taxa, right location) aren’t showing up in the project. I suspect that observations from users who didn’t join the project are not showing up.

Step 3: When I double check the settings, this is what iNaturalist shows when I click “Preview observations with these observation requirements” (bottom half of image). However, when I save the project and look at actual observations, it does not include a number of observers/observations (top half of image).

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I can’t really tell from the screenshot what the search URL is for the preview, but I have a suspicion this might be a timezone problem. Your project started Sep 20, 2020 at 11:34 EDT. But it looks like the two top observers in that preview have their observations before that start time because the timezones on their observations are set to UTC.


12 pm UTC is only 8 am EDT, so they’re not meeting the requirement.


Hello @jwidness, thank you so much! That fixed the issue for me. I didn’t realize that the data setting also had a time setting. So appreciate your help.


I see you got your project sorted out, but I’m just following up on what went might have gone wrong with that “preview observations” button on the project settings page, and it looks like there’s an issue with the timestamps in the URL. Testing it out:

Project settings for:



4 observations meet these date, time, and location criteria:

But clicking the “Preview Observations with these Observation Requirements” button while in edit mode brings me to this filter, which doesn’t list any of the right observations:
observation is at 5AM (outside of the time window in the project settings)

Clicking the preview observations button should instead bring me to this page:

that is, the button filter URL parameter is
d1=2018-09-28%2010:00%20-05:00 instead of

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Thanks @bouteloua, I’ve made a bug report here: